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Make Your Own Candle Kit

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Unplug from it all and take a moment (or several) for yourself. Say hello again to your inner craftsperson with just about everything you need to make your own beautifully scented candle, available in two unique phthalate-free fragrance blends. 

Candle pouring is a delightful, hands-on, screen-free sensory treat of an experience from start to finish. The perfect project for a cozy night in or a get together with friends. Keep your candle for yourself or give it to a friend! 

Our White Tea scent is an uplifting blend of (you guessed it) white tea and jasmine, peppered with fresh notes of mandarin, bergamot and ginger. A vacation in a jar. 

Our Tranquility scent is an earthy, grounded blend of sandalwood and palo santo, topped off with a hint of cardamom and citrus. Sends all of the bad vibes packing. 


Kit includes:

-10 oz reusable glass jar

-Wooden wick and metal base

-Coconut and soy blend wax pellets for easy melting and strong fragrance throw

-0.8oz phthalate-free fragrance oil in recyclable glass bottle